Happy Feet even brings families together

It’s not about “HAVING” time.
It’s about ” MAKING” time.

Happy Feet Walkers Club started the momentum for a lot of people like me.

With this club one gains a lot. Friendship and family time for one.

Many walkers started with a common goal of atleast 10K steps per day. Certain days are harder or more hectic than others and potentially we would have missed the goal on such a day in the past with no guilt or compulsion to make the extra effort. Not anymore, all the Happy Feet Whatsapp messages that trickle in throughout the day urges us to move and meet the goal. Each and every day!!

The messages from other walkers keeps us motivated. Posts about walks completed , kudos from others, beautiful pictures, funny incidents, each little nudge to make our own memories. The club is always reminding you to make the right choices.

In the evening , all my family members walk together and we talk. When you are outside talking you don’t have interpretations. No longer the Television or phone call to distract us from our time together. Eating dinner together as a family is recommended by a lot of experts. In my opinion, walking together is just as great for the family if not more.

Happy Feet even brings families together.