Thank You Challenge

Update: Thanks for tremendous response. This challenge is now closed.

Winners : Lakshmy Ganesh and Namitha Pai

There is precious little that we can achieve in our lives without someone helping us along the way. This goes for everything in life from learning a new skill to learning to let go.

“Thank you” can be an incredibly powerful pair of words, especially if the person you’re thanking really needs to hear them, or isn’t expecting them. In this short TED talk, Dr. Laura Trice muses over the power of saying thank you, and reminds us why we should say it—and ask to hear it—more often. – Courtesy

At happy feet we know that our journey to fitness and happiness was started or continued to be maintained by others around us. Take this opportunity to thank the person who helped you on your own journey in 250 words or more.


Challenge is open from 11/15/2015 to 11/27/2015.

Thank You Challenge is about identifying that one person who has most influenced you above all else to keep walking everyday and to stay on track and achieve your goals, someone who has picked you up with you needed it and given you that “thumbs up” that makes it all worth it.

    1. Write a Thank you note with atleast 250 words. You can write a much longer one if you desire but don’t stop at “Thank you XYZ, you are awesome!” Tell us why and what and how you feel.
    2. Use the Visitor posts section of Facebook to post on the Happy Feet Facebook Page.

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3. Ask your friends and family to read and like your post if they like it.

The person who receives the most thank you notes will receive a small token gift on behalf of Lakshmy and Namitha on the special thanksgiving walk on 11/28/2015 for impacting so many happy feet members and motivating them on their personal journeys.

*There are no exceptions to who you can thank. Find the ONE person who has made your happy feet experience something to come back to everyday!