Share your Story Challenge

Share your  Happy Feet Story!

Update: Share your Story Challenge is now closed.

Winning Entry!!Wings for Feet – Komal Pitre

Winner of Challenge!
Winner of Challenge!

Update: Check out the stories submitted!


Reconnecting and Making Memorable Moments – Madhavi Arsoor

Why would women not play Football – Roopa Choodamani

Let nothing stop you on the walk of life – Garima Syngol

Member with the most well written, well liked story will win a voucher!

Contest Date Runs From Aug 22nd to Sep 5th.


Each Happy Feet member has a story. This could be how you joined the club, what motivates you to walk, any personal stories, family support and much much more.

Write you all your thoughts, make it an essay , add supporting images or testimonials/quotes from family/friends and submit your entry to your subgroup leader. All entries will be immediately posted to Happy Feet Facebook Page.

The entry with the most number of likes on Facebook as of Sep 10th 10 PM CST (5 extra days after deadline) will be declared the winner. All entries will be equally promoted by the admins. Additional self promotion with friends and families is encouraged to increase your chance of winning.

Obviously, one individual could like more than one story, we will not be looking for unique likes but total likes only!

*Lakshmy and Namitha are not eligible.