Step it Up with Happy Feet

Update: This challenge is now complete.

Happy Feet continues to focus on our key values:

  1. Be Inclusive ( All members can participate without need for the same app)
  2. Listen to members ( Addresses concerns around use of mapmywalk)
  3. Motivate each and everyone ( 3 tiers to allow everyone to contribute and higher range cut-off to level playing field)
  4. Start shifting gears for changing seasons (Account for all steps instead of outdoor walks only)
  5. Cultivate new friendships ( Group challenge )
  6. Nuture current connections. (Continued use of local groups for group walking)
  7. Always think Fun, Fitness and Friendship

The winning team is Team Middle!!


To this end, this next challenge is meant to support all the points above.

Thus far all our challenges have been well received by many in the positive was expected. Not as contests with others by challenging oneself to better and be more active.

In the same spirit, this next Group Challenge makes it easy for all to participate will still keeping the ease and lack of pressure.


Happy Feet Subgroup with the maximum number of points will win a $100 gift voucher to be used for any team building activity.

Contest runs from Sep 6th to Sep 20th 2015.

This is a Steps Based Collage Challenge:
1 Point for collage with 5000 Steps (Allows you to get a point even for those days with little activity)
2 Points for collage with 10,000 Steps (Average steps recommended for a healthy lifestyle)
3 Points for collage with 15,000 Steps (A little bonus for those who push themselves to do more)



1. Collages need to be sent at the end of the day to group leader.
2. Collages need to meet (the much more relaxed) minimum requirements:

A: Total Steps (Image from any pedometer app including but not limited to fitbit, samsung s health, pedometer etc.)

B: Clear indication of date

C:Selfie or picture of walker

D: A single word describing your day (eg: Active, Motivated, Happy, Recharged etc.)

3. Group leaders will keep track of daily scores and share team total with full group each morning.

4. Group leaders have the flexibility of combining the elements into a single collage before posting to Happy Feet Page on FB.

5. As a group challenge each member has the potential of motivating self and others without requiring a dedicated walk in the park. This also allows for participation at all levels.

6. Open to all Happy Feet Members

* For any questions/comments/concerns, please contact Namitha or Lakshmy directly.