Welcome fall challenge

 This challenge is now complete.

Winners are 

Jyothi Shirahatti and Shubhada Lawande.

This one is a simple collage challenge.
create the following to win a prize sponsored by Donna Basabadutta !!

1. Any items related to autumn.

2. Wear any fall outfit.

3. 1 mile or 10k steps.

4. Walk related inspirational words that have meaning for you.

5. Walk with a friend.

6. Submit collage by 7pm.

Each number above in your collage earns you one point. So you can potentially win 6 points each day.

There are no minimum steps. If you have less than 10k then you miss the point for that, but can still get points for other stuff!

Come on ladies ! Win this challenge! If there is a tie we will have a tiebreaker lemon and spoon challenge at the mall!

challenge runs from 0ct 17th for 2 weeks