Happy Feet Buddy Challenge

This challenge is now complete:

Winners are Rupashree and Deepali!

Happy Feet buddy challenge begins on April 4th and runs for 2 weeks!

This is a unique challenge  to encourage each other.

Each member who has consistently attended walks and created collages is being challenged by us to identify a member who is not as active and who they are not personally already familiar with.

Connect with this member and build a buddy system. Create a single collage each evening with both walk statistics and selfies.

Whenever possible walk together. This could be in person or just virtually together. This makes it possible for members who are not geographically proximate to be buddies. Moreover we encourage distant buddies who you can get to know over the course of the challenge.

After 2 weeks, the pair with the most progress will win the challenge. Progress report needs to be submitted in the form of one written paragraph on closed group.