Daily Walker Groups

Happy Feet Walker’s club meets every Saturday around dawn. Walks are organized at Forest Preserve’s or other interesting locations in the Naperville – Aurora area. In addition to the weekly walk, several smaller groups walk in their communities on a daily basis.

Lots of members enjoy solo walks and walks with family too.

Check out the beautiful collages submitted by Happy Feet Members!

June 2015

July 2015

To find an existing group near you, use the handy list below:

1.Ginger Woods Walker Group : Contact Namitha Pai ([email protected])

2.Metea Valley Walker Group: Contact Garima Goel ([email protected])

3.Nequa Valley Walker Group: Contact Lakshmy Ganesh([email protected])

4. Country Lakes Walker Group: Contact Anagha ([email protected])

If you would like to start a subgroup in your area , email [email protected]