Sub group Series 4

Its a brand new year! Welcome to 2016 where we will have more fun, fitness and friendship via Happy Feet Walkers Club.

Staying tuned to ever evolving member needs, Happy Feet will undergo new subgroup structure. Instead of 5 subgroups, we will have only 2 subgroups to allow more interaction between members with similar goals.

Members will be allocated to these groups by the Club based on existing participation levels. There will be option to switch between groups situations change. This new group structure will be effective January 10th 2016.

If you have any medical reason suggesting you to stop walking, please do so immediately and inform the leaders.

Following are the details:

Charged and Ready

This group is targeted for those members who have fully committed to the cause of self improvement with walking ; by

  • Walking frequently if not everyday
  • Tracking and logging steps and creating collages
  • Participating actively in all challenges
  • Motivating self and other members
  • Being responsive to club and member queries and needs
  • Providing a supporting environment for all
  • Adhering to all club rules
  • Promoting club to others
  • Being present at most if not all weekend walks
  • Providing suggestions and approaching sponsors to assist Club

Up and Coming

This group is targeted for those who have been unable to commit to the walking to the degree that the rest of the club has even with the best intentions. This is a no questions asked “group” where members can take it at their own pace.

All members in this group will also get the same access to challenges and notifications as the rest of the club. Members will have the opportunity to move to the Charged and Ready Group if they are consistently exhibiting the traits required for the group.


Certain additional changes will be made to reduce the communication needs within the club:

  1. WhatsApp communication will be expected only from 8:30 PM to Midnight with respect to submission of daily collages. During these timeframes leaders will respond to submissions and queries within 30 mins or less.
  2. Members can use the group at other times for club related quick queries, motivational messages for other members etc. but immediate responses from leaders are not expected during these hours.
  3. With or without any ongoing challenges, collage submission with the basic 4 elements is required.
  • Step count image
  • Selfie
  • Date
  • 2 words describing the day
4. All queries/comments/suggestions for leaders can be sent using the web form. Responses will be sent within 24 hours.
5. As always, club messages on WhatsApp or other social media will be related to the following only:
  • Member collages
  • Details about Club/Challenges
  • Useful information about walking (Members please send to leaders so that we can ensure it is appropriate before sending to club)
  • Sponsor information
  • Member support for each other such as appreciation, support during challenges etc.