Maintaining membership at Happy Feet

As the club continues to grow, it is important to make sure that it is fair and standardized for all members. With that in mind, see the pre-requisites below that define Active Members:

  1. Participate in weekend walk ( Atleast 1 walk each month)
  2. Participate in submission of daily collages to be submitted to Facebook Page. ( Atleast 10 collages a month)
  3. Participate in Whatsapp group(s) to motivate self and other walkers.
  4. Participate in Member Challenges.
  5. Respond to survey requests from Admins.
  6. Attend group/family events.
  7. Purchase and wear Happy Feet T-shirt at weekend walks.

Members who do not fit the description above will be considered as dormant members unless specific exception has been obtained from admins for specified timeframe.

Dormant members maybe subject to removal from club based on the discretion of admins. Since the purpose of this club is to motivate self and others to achieve and maintain fitness, re entry into the club is possible at any time given the member accepts the expectations associated with club membership outlined above.


If you would like to contact Lakshmy or Namitha about anything specific to the club or your membership, please use the member update form.