Bring a Friend to Happy Feet

Update : This challenge is closed!

Sree Kukkapalli (Kukki) wins the challenge for maximum new friends!

Kukki brings friends!!
Kukki brings friends!!


Bring a friend to Happy Feet!!

Member with maximum points will win exciting voucher! Prizes will be awarded at Saturday group walk.

Contest Date Runs From NOW to Aug 22nd, parade day. Retroactive points from day club started will also be valid.

Lakshmy and Namitha are not eligible.

You will get one point for each friend you bring to Happy Feet who matches all the criteria below:

1. Should be someone you introduced to club. (Not a friend of Namitha or Lakshmy)
2. Should have requested addition to whatsapp group.
3. Should like Facebook page.
4. Should have submitted atleast 1 daily walk collage.
5. Should have attended at least one group walk on saturday.

Bonus points for friend:
1 point for buying Happy Feet Tshirt.
1 point for walking at India Day parade.
1 point for friends’ family walking at India day parade with Red tshirt.
1 point for downloading mapmywalk app and connecting with others.
1 point if your friend brought any new members to club.

1 point if your friend joined atleast 1 event on facebook events by club.

This means you can potentially win 10 points for each person !!

Send in your entries directly to Namitha or Lakshmy. We will verify against criteria before awarding points for the submission. As usual we will diligently maintain points for everyone and update group periodically on the progress.