Sub group series 5 (Current)

To keep everyone engaged and motivated subgroups are created and readjusted at regular intervals. Currently we are in series 5.

This series was created during the US Presidential elections and therefore HFWC elections were held. Members nominated themselves to be leaders and others choose their leaders.

The current groups are:

Garima’s walker gang :  Garima Goel (Syngol)

This group is all about fun and jokes with a serious dose of walking and collage making thrown in.

Cookie Cutters lead : Sree Lakshmi Kukkapalli (a.ka.Kukki)

This group is all about walking and motivating each other with constant messages and responsiveness.

Mona’s Mashups:  Mona Saha

This group is about health improvement and weight loss through walking. Regular meetup and discussions on improving health and wellness.

 Jyoti’s gals walk:  Jyoti Shirahatti

This group is about the basics. Increase walking and not make technology a barrier to walking.

Donna’s dynamic walkers: Donna Basabdutta

This group is about an inspiring who leads by example. Motivating infrequent walkers to walk and enjoy the benefits of the same.