Sub group series 2

After successful building of teams and challenges, we now have a different subgroup structure based on feedback from members.

We are aware that members will have varying degrees of expectations and goals with respect to their personal targets. To help better align individuals, a new group structure has been designed. All members can choose the subgroup that most fits their personal goals. Also, it is possible to move from one group to the other based on changing needs.

Subgroup 1: The Goal Pushers

This group is targeted for those who set very aggressive goals for themselves and aim to beat their own score each day. Members choosing this group should commit to the higher expectations from the group.

What can you expect:
  1. Extensive interaction on Whatsapp and group
  2. Extensive group challenges and additional subgroup challenges
  3. New short term goals and additional targets such as weight loss
  4. Self motivated and group motivated
  5. Presence at most if not all weekend walks
  6. Sky is the limit
Subgroup 2 : The Pacers

This group is targeted for those who would like to pace themselves and participate in as many activities as possible without the additional drivers. Members in this group will be expected to participate in most challenges at moderate level. The commitment needed from this group is the same as what has been expected since club inception. The goal of this group is to stay active everyday without pushing yourself.

What can you expect:
  1. Moderate interaction on Whatsapp and group
  2. Club level challenges
  3. Presence at most weekend walks
  4. You set your limits but ensure that you stay motivated and keep the group motivated to stay active as well.
Subgroup 3 : The Mellow Fellows

This group is targeted for those who have been unable to commit to the walking to the degree that the rest of the club has. This is a no questions asked “group” where members can take it at their own pace.

What can you expect:
  1. Low interaction on Whatsapp and group
  2. Club level challenges
  3. Presence at  weekend walks when possible
  4. Club will provide you all the benefits of group motivation without the expectation that you are able to commit to it.