Unsolicited messages


As per our originally stated guidance we are reiterating the same here as a gentle reminder to respect the privacy of all members and abide by the rules of the club.

1. Whatsapp group is meant to be used for walk related motivation only. Leaders will use the whatsapp group for reminders about walks, surveys , useful information etc.
2. Occasional chit chat on whatsapp group is expected around birthdays and special occasions but not to be treated as norm.
3. Use of phone numbers available due to being in the same whatsapp group is not acceptable. Please send any broadcast messages about your business only to those people who have personally shared their phone number with you and have agreed to receive your business related updates.
4. We have promoted businesses based on sponsorship of challenges. Those promotions are one time and around the challenge time frame only. The information is available on website but not to be repeated on whatsapp unless shared by leaders.

Thank you for helping to keep this club focused and solicitation free.