Make it a pair Collage Challenge

Feet are always seen in pairs, lets extend this to find pairs wherever we go.


This is a collage challenge. Please submit your collages to the whatsapp group everyday before 10 PM.

Challenge runs from 11th (pair of 1s) to 22nd (pair of 2s)


  1. Collage with the following elements

A: Selfie

B: Map my walk image

C: Any image of something in a pair. ex: pair of shoes, 2 cars parked next to each other, 2 birds in a tree etc.

D: Date

2. Collage to be submitted by 10 PM each night.

3. Distance on map my walk can be between 1 mile to 3 miles ONLY. Maps with over 3 miles and under 1 mile will not be considered for submission.

4. Challenge is open to all members except Namitha and Lakshmy.