I dream of Spring Vacation Challenge


Update: this challenge is now complete

winner is Anagha Joshi who has become winner of one free ticket to happy feet annual picnic.

I dream of Spring and step challenge !!
In this challenge, we are looking for collages with different Dream vacation destinations for Spring break. Each day make a collage with one prominent destination of your choice.

On Friday make a collage of all 5 collages.

No more than 15,000 steps a day to qualify for challenge. If your goal is higher you can go ahead but can’t be eligible for prize.

The challenge runs for 5 days only :

March 28th  to Apr 1st
The collages must have the following elements.
1. Clear picture of steps/miles
2. Current selfie.
3. Name of the group and date.
4. Upload on FB in appropriate folder.
Incorrect uploads will not be awarded points.
5. You can use multiple images to support destination.

Get creative. Use images , ticket prices, research of any kind on destination.

If collages are not uploaded for 3 consecutive days then member does not qualify to win the challenge.