Happy feet vs private events

As you may have observed from recent member collages , wishes etc. it appears to be the season of parties and celebrations of different occasions and personal milestones.

We want to make it transparent to all members since many groups may overlap due to friendship outside or beyond happy feet that these are NOT happy feet events. These are personal events that may or may not be organized by an existing happy feet member or leader.

All happy feet events will be :
1. Clearly communicated to all members equally by either Namitha or Lakshmy or both.
2. Published on Facebook page
3. Updated on happy feet website
4. Open to all members equally.
5. Involve something related to our vision which is walking only!

If any event you hear about does not fit all these requirements above , then clearly it is not a happy feet club event but a personal one.

One thing we can all be cognizant about is to not center our collages too much around such events giving an impression that this is somehow a club event. Even I am guilty of this crime at times and will be careful in the future.

End goal is that we are all members of a club equally and it is all or nothing equally.