Shades of 500 collage challenge

Update : This challenge is now complete.



Shades of 500 collage and step challenge !!
We are well into the march madness .
Here’s a new challenge : Shades of 500
In this challenge, we are looking for any kind of hair styles,hairdo or any thing that helps you boost your inner confidence. (These are original styles and not via app such as youcam makeup)
The steps should increase in the increment of 500.

For eg., day 1- 2000 steps
Day 2- 2500 steps

The challenge runs for 2 weeks :

March 7th -March 18th.
The collages must have the following elements.
1. Clear picture of steps/miles mentioning the increment.
2. Current selfie with makeup or hairdo
3. Name of the group and date.
4. Upload on FB in appropriate folder.
Incorrect uploads will not be awarded points.

If collages are not uploaded for 3 consecutive days then member does not qualify to win the challenge.