One for One Challenge: Back to the Basics Collage Challenge

One for one challenge: back to the basics collage challenge.

UPDATE: This challenge is now complete. Winner of this challenge with tiebreaker is Ushasri Munnukutla

1 point for every 1000 steps. Only valid for multiple of 1000. Example 2599 steps is 2 points only. So is 2999.

Max points 8 per day. Anything more than 8000 steps will still be only 8 points.

Collages are valid for challenge only if it contains the following :


  1. Clear picture of steps with date.
  2. New selfie/photo  (has to be of current day)
  3. A word or 2 describing the day.
  4. Clearly label your subgroup.
  5. Date

Everyone is eligible including group leaders.

If collages are not sent for 2 consecutive days then member does not qualify to win the challenge.

Collage has to be sent to group before midnight. Next day collages will not be counted for challenge.