Happy Feet Happy Mind and Energetic Body

Once up on a time I used to walk a lot and then stopped as I was not motivated to do so. Last year couple of us started to walk but it was missing something…
When Happy Feet Walkers Club was started by two lovely ladies I got very excited. It is the best club in many ways.
Every week we pick different location. Can you guys guess why?
Were you able to guess….
Every time one visits a new location the brain is excited to see new things. In no time you are done walking 3 milesn and  you are left with the urge to walk some more. That makes you want to keep on going. It is a primer for all the daily walks you can do on your own or with friends and family in the vicinity.

On the  weekend walks we make new friends and reconnect with existing ones and it makes your heart happy.

Now your mind and heart are happy and you are ready, full of energy and enthusiam to start your weekend. This is the  change from lazy to active.  One would think all the walking would make you tired. Surprisingly it makes you all the more energetic.

“Happy Feet Happy Mind and Energetic Body”