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A walk with my daughters

She skips ahead a few steps,
And then runs back to me,
Holds my hand, swings along,
She is busy like a bee.

My older one is trying to learn,
She wants to practice with me,
Shlokas of the Hanuman Chalisa,
“What’s next, mummy?”

Then they start competing,
And fight for my attention,
My one eye is on them,
And one on the road condition.

We look like a mother duck
And her ducklings in fray,
I keep pulling them on track,
And they keep going astray.

The park beckons them,
And chores beckon me,
I have to make a compromise,
And off they run with glee.

Every moment is such a delight,
A walk with my daughters be,
All thanks to thee.

Interview with Siddharth Raghavan

Happy Feet members and their families like to share the excitement of walking. Our interview series begins with the first interview with youngest Happy Feet family member. Siddharth Raghavan is a diligent walker and motivator for his mom. He keeps a close eye on the miles walked and ensures that mom continues to walk everyday. He enjoys the challenges and wants to help his mom win it!