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India Day Parade Report – Vinita

IMG-20150816-WA0032Scores of happy feet marched, in an hour long parade, as Happy Feet Walker’s Club participated in the inaugural India Day Parade held in downtown Naperville on August 16th, 2015 to celebrate India’s 69th Independence Day. The event featured a dozen beautifully decorated floats and more than 50 participants showcasing Indian culture, technology, entrepreneurship and cuisines. As the Happy Feet marchers walked along, all in their bright red t-shirts, sounds of “Fun and Fitness, Happy Feet; Walk with us, Happy Feet” reverberated in the air and thousands of people lined along the streets cheered and clapped.



Started barely 2 months ago, the Happy Feet Walkers Club is a non –profit club founded by friends for friends. Their vision is to motivate women to focus on their health first, by encouraging fitness and providing a platform to walk and talk. The objective is to introduce friends and families to the joys of walking and healthy living.



The club has weekly Saturday walks at nearby Nature Preserves and trails and daily walks and challenges to motivate members to walk every single day! Walking outdoors has many benefits including reducing stress and improving flexibility. Walk for fun, fitness and friendship. Join the club at www.happyfeetwalkersclub.org




Have you ever…

Have you ever wondered?
What’s around that corner?
Is there a mountain, steep and high?
Is there a valley deep under?

Have you ever been at crossroads?
With two roads to make a choice,
One that has been travelled oft before,
One with new beginnings and surprise.

Have you ever walked alone?
With only your thoughts for company,
Watching the the world as you pass by,
Roads one or too many.

Have you ever walked in a group?
Sharing fun, fitness and friendship,
Inspiring one another each day,
Meeting goals to accomplish.

Have you ever thought all this?
And wondered how it could be?
Then come join #happyfeetwalkersclub
Its perfect for thee…

Take the first step

Not a step behind you,
Not a step ahead of you,
All we wish for is
To take every step with you.

There is a long road ahead,
Twists and turns, hills and vales
Lets journey together,
Lets join the trail.

Bring along your fun,
Trade in some fitness,
Friendship is a bonus,
Shoo away the laziness!!!!

The ladies in red,
With their claps and smiles,
We will walk together
Devouring countless miles.

I have taken the first step,
Ready to take yours??
Join the #happyfeetwalkersclub,
And lets make it ours.