Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our current sponsors for supporting us.

Platinum Sponsors
  1. Vimi Shukla
  2. Sangeeta Kapoor

1. Health Magic
2168 Fox Valley Center
Aurora IL 60504

As our first sponsor, Health Magic graciously supported our cause by donating 2 gift vouchers for our Happy Feet Collage Challenge.

Challenge Winners:
1. Nita Awasthi
2. Bindu Gopalarathnam

2. Beautiful Ideas
4555 barr creek Lane
Naperville IL

Neelam Jai (Saboo)
Neelam Jai (Saboo)

As a small business owned by a woman, we are happy to support each other. Happy Feet is about women empowerment.

Owner Neelam Jai has supported us by providing 2 gift vouchers for merchandise from her store for contest winners.

Please check out our Sponsors’ Facebook Page for more details on her business.

She is offering 10% discount to all Happy Feet members!

Challenge Winners:

  1. Vimi Shukla
  2. Sree Lakshmi Kukkapalli

3. Roopa Choodamani

Roopa is a Happy Feet member and strong supporter of our group as well.

Challenge Winner:

4. Sree Lakshmi Kukkapalli (Kukki)

Kukki is a Happy Feet member and group leader. She is forever positive and a champion of Happy Feet

Challenge Winner:


5. Pallavi Divekar

Pallavi is sponsoring 1 hr facials to our contest winners (2). She is an independent Mary Kay Consultant and she also offers free skincare or makeovers.

Pallavi Warty Diwekar
Pallavi Warty Diwekar

Happy Feet Club members also get a 10% discount if they shop at her home store.

Please check out our Sponsors’ Facebook Page for more details on her business.



Challenge Winners:

Dr.Shubhada Lawande

6. Rajesh Nayak Photography

Rajesh Nayak has sponsored a 30 minute family photo shoot as a giveaway for happy feet challenge winner.


Please check out our Sponsors’ Facebook Page for more details on his business.


Challenge Winner:

Pallavi GuruPrasad

7. Dr.Shubhada Lawande

Dr.Shubhada Lawande is the favorite pediatrician for several kids in the Naperville area. She is also a champion of Happy Feet Walkers Club. She has sponsored a $35 gift card for happy feet Challenge winner.


Please check out our Sponsor’s website for more details on her practice.

Challenge Winner:

Jyothi Shirahatti

8. Anu Spa & Salon

Owned and Operated by Anu Vaidyalingam a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years experience in non-invasive skin care treatments, personal care and hair dressing.
The spa is dedicated to pamper guests with best treatments at affordable price. Upscale skincare services like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and ultrasonic facials are offered.

Other services include threading, body waxing, body treatments, bridal make-ups, updos, blow dry, highligts and Keratin Treatments.

Please check out sponsor’s website for more details.

All members will be offered 10% discount on services.

9. Vivek flowers