Meet Namitha Pai Nayak

Meet Namitha Pai Nayak , Founding Member and Director

Namitha is a mother of 3 handsome boys and 2 soft and fluffy Maltese dogs.  She is known as “energizer bunny”, “bulldog” , “sunshine”, “woo-woo” and many such names. There are probably some not so positive names too which she refuses to divulge.

By profession she is an analyst, a communicator and a leader. By nature she is always positive and friendly.


How did Namitha get to Happy Feet?

Lakshmy and Namitha were discussing the need to stay healthy and strong to be a good example for kids and family. They were talking about how hard it is to make time for themselves and how easy it is to drum up excuses. Lakshmy suggested walking as an activity since it has low impact, good for the heart and needs no special tools.

Namitha loves to support new ideas. She agreed and that was the start!

What is Namitha’s role in Happy Feet?

Namitha always likes to do things in groups. For every exciting idea, small or big, she likes to invite her friends. Her role is to wear multiple hats. Primary of which is bringing people together. Some of the other things she does for the group:

1. Create and Manage the website

2. Click lots of pictures

3. Adminstrate the Whatsapp groups and provide support and answers to queries

4. Brainstorm new ideas with Lakshmy and smaller teams

5. Sponsorship and content planning

6 . Promote Healthy living by Walking

What experience is Namitha bringing to Happy Feet?

Namitha has been walking since the age of 1. On a more serious note, she is a master planner. She plans and executes every minor detail. She builds teams and develops confidence and creates empowerment.

Fun Fact about Namitha

She was always fond of the Beetle and her husband bought her a yellow one for her birthday. If you see one around Naperville/Aurora area, make sure you look at the driver, it may be her!


Life’s Motto.

There is only one, Live it!! Take chances, believe in yourself and never put anyone down. All they may be looking for is a positive nod from you.