Meet Lakshmy Ganesh

Meet Lakshmy Ganesh, Founding Member and Director

Lakshmy Ganesh is an avid walker, dreamer, mother of 2 boys, founder- member of “Happy Feet” and a research specialist at University of Illinois, Chicago.

She believes that the path to good health begins with positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. If one can get that right, all of those things one  wants and deserves will follow naturally: better moods, energy levels and less stress and weight struggles.

Happy Feet Walkers Club
Happy Feet Walkers Club

How did Lakshmy get to Happy Feet?

Lakshmy’s  life was revolving around home, children and job and in the midst of daily chores, there was no time for her fitness and health. The realization dawned on her at an annual health checkup, when the doctor made this statement :
“One Hour of physical activity, Every Day can go a long way in keeping you healthy.”
She also realized that she needs to be healthy to take care of her family. Then came a phase of exploring all the myriad ways to be active. She stumbled upon the idea of walking, which did not require any investment on memberships or equipment.

Walking with a friend definitely makes the exercise a fun activity and something to look forward to. The first step of “Happy Feet” was taken with her friend , Namitha.

 What is Lakshmy’s role in Happy Feet?

Lakshmy continues to be the heart and soul of Happy Feet. She is instrumental in defining the direction of Happy Feet Club alongwith her partner Namitha.

She is also responsible for:

1. Introducing /welcoming new members

2. Bringing in new sponsors

3. Identifying new walk trails for weekly events

4. Handling all Club gear ordering and distribution

5. Managing local sub group and motivating them for daily walks

6. Motivating members and responding to all queries on all forums

7. Writing blog posts

What experience is Lakshmy bringing to Happy Feet?

Lakshmy is a researcher not only by profession but also by passion. She has been a walker for many years but currently taking it to the next level. She does a lot of study and research about walking and things that you can learn as you walk. That ranges from best walking postures to monarch butterflies you see on the trails. She makes sure that such useful information is shared with club members.

Fun Fact about Lakshmy

Although Lakshmy is a vegetarian, her profession involves dissecting mice. Namitha has a great time teasing her about her swift hand.  If you are ever interested in learning more about genetics and research around it, reach out to Lakshmy and don’t forget to applaud her for her swift hand!

Life’s Motto.

Be the person your family and friends can always count on. Start with being healthy ! Come walk with me on my journey to a happy and healthy life.
The First Step towards Happy Feet!