Plogging: The Solution to Keeping our Home Healthy

A new trend from Sweden is soon becoming more and more popular all across the world. This simple technique helps both the environment and us humans too. So what better day to start something environmentally and health-friendly than today, on Earth Day. Our Earth is full of the greatest wonders and is home to trillions of different species, plants, and organisms. Unfortunately, with our very rushed lives, we sometimes forget to do simple things like turning off the faucet or cleaning up after ourselves. While these are simple and small mistakes, they may be harming our environment and are getting rid of some precious pieces of nature. With all this harm on the earth, what if there was something to undo this? What if we picked up after ourselves, stayed healthy, and ensured everyone else is too? Plogging does all of this! With just 30 minutes a day, we keep ourselves fit and help keep our environment clean too. Plogging is a Swedish term mixed with “picking up litter” and “jogging”. Plogging refers to the term in which you jog/walk and pick up litter. In this series of movements, you are both expanding on your flexibility and your stamina. The jogging and stopping movement is like a squat. Over the past few years, littering has become very prominent throughout our communities. We can see a lot of this waste end up in freshwater reservoirs or large bodies of water, where animals and organisms are harmed. This man-made waste can badly hurt and even kill fish or nearby animals. More waste results in more pollution and an unhealthy environment overall. While picking up trash may sound a little dirty at first, you are actually helping our very own Earth stay cleaner and grow better. Imagine a world with no trash and all this luscious greenery, clean water, and all this exotic marine life. How fun would that be! In any case, Plogging is the right way to go. We help ourselves, our animals, and mother nature stay fit and healthy together! So how about a new challenge for this year’s Earth Day. Why don’t we take a pledge to Plog? The answer to a cleaner and better planet is finally here: Plogging!

Fastest fingers first!

We are very excited to start the countdown for the discounted registrations for HAPPY FEET HEALTHY HEART 5K partnering with Dheean Pukardian!

Proceeds will go to Aurora Police Department and Aurora Fire Department!

General registrations are already open at full price, but you can mark your calendars to wait for the discounted tickets to be launched at 10 AM CT on Sunday April 14th.

What to do:

1.Bookmark this link:

2. Add a reminder on your calendar : 9:55 AM Sunday April 14th

3. Gather all info for you and family including T Shirt Sizes

4. Pick your team name

Login and grab the discounted registrations when you alarm goes off !! Look out for more reminders on HFWC facebook page and different whatsapp groups!

Are you Ready??

Its 2019 and Happy Feet Walkers Club has begun the planning for the annual 5k!

Opportunities to join us include sponsorship, volunteering , registering to walk/run or promoting the event to raise funds for the cause.

You can do one or you can do all, everything is appreciated!