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Happy Feet Valentine’s Day Ball


The hall shimmered with the colors of red and black, glitter, lights, and excitement as the attendees of the First Happy Feet Valentine’s Day Ball slowly entered for an unforgettable night.  As families walked into the hall, they were checked in and men were handed a red rose to be given to their ladies with words of love.  Ladies, gentlemen, and kids were dressed in elegant colors of pink, blue, black and red.  Ties, long dresses, glimmering jewels, and perfectly set hair helped set the mood for the evening.  Photographer Rajesh Nayak, took professional Valentine’s themed pictures for all the attendees, who eagerly stood in line so they could get one of a kind pictures.

Queens Namitha and Lakshmy reined over the evening, as appetizers of freshly made chat from Chataka Masti were enjoyed by everyone.  Kids then watched an exciting magic show, while adults chatted and took pictures. Selfies were rampant as the Happy Feet ladies took pictures galore so that they wouldn’t forget the memorable evening.

Then everyone sat down to watch the unbelievable  Happy Feet models walk the red carpet runway.  Archana, Vimi, Ritu, Garima, Radhika, Shweta, Sree, Rupa, Neelam, Ushasri, Jyothi, and Ramya all strutted down the runway to music of their choice in pairs and by themselves.  Beautiful videos showing the ladies’ collages and transformations played in the background.  Then the Nayak boys, Yash and Joesh introduced their mom, Namitha Nayak and the Ganesh boys, Vedanth and Advaith, introduced their mother, Lakshmy Ganesh.  All the boys gave heartfelt speeches that were full of pride for their mothers’ accomplishments.  Then Namitha and Lakshmy walked the runway accompanied by their supportive husbands, Rajesh Nayak and Balaji Ganesh.

After a delightful dinner of pav bhaji, palav and gulab jamuns, the DJ started the music and the Happy Feet ladies hit the floor. Swaying to the music and energizing each other, the ladies and their families enjoyed the night.  Daddy – daughter dances and mother – son dances, both brought sentimental feelings in everyone.  Then the Charged  and Ready group and the Up and Coming groups had a dance off,  with members coming out to dance and the crowds cheering for the winners.  Finally free dancing, with glow in the dark bracelets, fortune cookies, and surprise candy packs were handed out to everyone.  The evening winded down, and families slowly headed back home with feelings of joy,  love, and friendship.

Fun, Friendship, and Fitness was theme of the evening.   Happy Feet and  the Valentine’s Ball will stay in everyone’s memories for years to come!


Valentine’s Day Ball – Love is in the Air


As the first Happy Feet Valentine’s Ball approaches, the air is crackling with anticipation and excitement as ladies are buying dresses, discussing shoes, and figuring out hair styles.  How fitting that the first major family event for the Happy Feet Club is for Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love! Happy Feet  is all about love – loving ourselves, and loving our friends.

As many of you have noticed ,the unique atmosphere and philosophy of Happy Feet has been to love and support each other and never push each other down.  You will only see positive feedback on groups. During Saturday walks there are only smiles and encouragement given to other walkers.  The Valentine’s Ball has been no exception, with the sharing of pictures of dresses , ideas for jewelry and even places to buy undergarments!

Loving oneself is an ongoing journey for most of us.  On a day to day basis we all show our love for our families and friends, but we forget to love ourselves, regardless of our shape and size.  We get caught up in losing weight, and looking a certain way.  Happy Feet has reminded us to love our inner beauty and most importantly to respect our health.

The love and encouragement from our Happy Feet friends has allowed all of us to love ourselves even more and by loving ourselves more, we can show our love to our friends. It is a wonderful circle of love!

It is not chocolate and roses from loved ones that we are all looking forward to this year but the chance to show everyone that