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Moonlight and Stars

Cool breezes caress your face, while the peaceful moonlight gives you a soft glow as you walk down a quiet street.  The harsh heat and bright light of the morning sun always sends me running inside, but the nighttime moonlight calls to my soul.  As the sun sets,  I find myself moving towards the door.  It is a chance to be outside with my family for an evening walk once dinner is done.  Quiet discussions, giggles and thoughts are shared as we hold hands and walk down the street.  Walking while I sweat in the afternoon sun makes me feel like I am exercising, but walking under the bright stars feels like a pleasurable treat.

I love bike riding at night by myself even more.  The rush of biking in the darkness, with wind encouraging me to go faster and faster…. It feels like I can bike forever.  The roads are empty,  the houses are dark, the stars are shining and the moon is my only companion. Worries and stress melt into the darkness, and I only think of the joy of the ride.