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The Lazy Monster

I am lazy! There I said it.  The Lazy Monster that lives within all of us is quite strong within me.  I used to be more active but after moving to Chicago 5 years ago and quitting my job so that I could focus on my family, I simply let the Lazy Monster grow even bigger. (He really is quite ugly if you want to know!)  When we first moved to Naperville, I joined a gym and was quite determined to be healthy, but as the days passed and that Lazy Monster started to roar, I felt like I would take a small, itsy-bitsy break.  Surely after a week of rest I would go back to the gym – right? Wrong! The Lazy Monster got even stronger and I grew lazier. I quit my gym membership, full of promises that it would be easier to squeeze in exercise at home with exercise videos and Youtube……But I never did.  The Lazy Monster had officially taken over my life.  For those of you who have never seen this fellow (I think my friend Namitha may not have:) ) let me describe him for you – he is Big, LOUD, Persuasive, and constantly fills me with Self- Doubt.

When this group started, I have to say that I initially didn’t leap into it, of course that darn lazy monster was roaring in my ear with reasons as to why I would not succeed.  But my friend Lakshmy actually took the time to call me and ask me why I still hadn’t agreed to join.  I had no good excuse.  Still I didn’t walk – I saw that the other girls were already walking so much – The Lazy Monster roared, “How will you keep up?”  Finally after a week of watching the collages pile up, and people cheering each other on, I decided I would not make time to walk, but just walk when I was waiting for my kids to finish a class.  So when my daughter had volleyball class, I took a walk with my son – only 1.5 miles.  It felt AMAZING!  AWESOME! I had given my Lazy Monster a swift kick in the butt.

The Happy Feet encouragement I got from my first walk was enough to keep me going.  I walked again the next time I was sitting around waiting for my kids to finish a class.  I went farther than before.  Then  I walked again the next day.  I was kicking and punching my Lazy monster in the face and it felt GREAT! The next day I got out my beloved bike and went biking for a few miles – something I had not really done all summer.  From that I time I have been walking or biking at least 4 to 5 times a week. Sometimes more but definitely not less.

My lazy monster has not left of course, but he is smaller, grumpier, and green with jealousy over all I have done.  Most days I can’t hear him as I put on my walking shoes or pull out my bike because the voices of my fellow Happy Feet Ladies are so loud and strong.

If anyone else has let The Lazy Monster take over their life – join us and together we can help give it a swift punch in the gut and help you on the path to a happier, healthier YOU!