Sponsor Us

Happy Feet Sponsors:
We welcome sponsors to help us support the club.

Contact Namitha Pai (989 941 2537) or Lakshmy Ganesh (312 927 4581)

Sponsorship tiers:

1. Friend of Happy Feet walkers club : $150
Acknowledged on facebook and whatsapp group, blog post on website


2. Entrepreneur supports Happy Feet walkers club: $ 250
All the above plus stationary ad on Happy Feet website for 1 month


3. Small business supports Happy Feet walkers club: $500
All the above plus exclusive ad on Happy Feet website for 1 month


4. Recurring donor for Happy Feet Walkers Club: $25 per month for 12 months

This can be anonymous donor or leverage the benefits of tier 2
5. Sponsor an event with Happy Feet walkers club: $1000
All the above plus a walk event for friends and family of members will be organized highlighting the sponsor.


6. Sponsor Club Gear : Amount to be determined by the number of sponsors available and cost of Club Gear.

Club Gear will be created and distributed to all club members such as T-Shirts with the club information and sponsor information printed on it.


Expected expenses:
1. Promotional materials (brochures, flyers, facebook promos, business cards)
2. Administrative costs (website, registration, event fees, location rental etc)
3. Member giveaways /prizes for achievements/challenges
4. Club gear (t-shirts, hats etc.)
5. Support a cause (once the club is established, we will look for local causes to support. Specifically when the recipient is a member or family/friends of member)