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Walking Checklist

Since we walk for 2-4 miles on average which takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Here is a checklist that will be helpful for walking

1) App to monitor your workout
There are tons of fitness apps such as MapMyWalk, Pacer etc which help you track the miles. Download an app and start recording your walk

2) Mobile Phone: In case you are walking in the woods, need to reach someone always keep a phone and make sure it is well charged

3) Hydration
Carry water during all walks, make sure you are well hydrated. Long walks can enervate you , even if its cold outside hydrate well.

4) Bug Spray
Mosquitoes are quite common in this time of the year as well as in trails, carry some bug spray

5) Bandana or Hats
When it gets too hot I dip some water and cool my skin. This is quite helpful and protect yourself from direct sun with a hat or sunscreen

6) Whistle
If you are going for a hike in the forest or mountains this helps in calling attention if you are lost.

7) Smile
smile and observe the surroundings, enjoy the sky, enjoy the little rabbit running, the bird chirping and the flower blooming. Life is made of such beautiful moments.

Interview with Siddharth Raghavan

Happy Feet members and their families like to share the excitement of walking. Our interview series begins with the first interview with youngest Happy Feet family member. Siddharth Raghavan is a diligent walker and motivator for his mom. He keeps a close eye on the miles walked and ensures that mom continues to walk everyday. He enjoys the challenges and wants to help his mom win it!

Have you ever…

Have you ever wondered?
What’s around that corner?
Is there a mountain, steep and high?
Is there a valley deep under?

Have you ever been at crossroads?
With two roads to make a choice,
One that has been travelled oft before,
One with new beginnings and surprise.

Have you ever walked alone?
With only your thoughts for company,
Watching the the world as you pass by,
Roads one or too many.

Have you ever walked in a group?
Sharing fun, fitness and friendship,
Inspiring one another each day,
Meeting goals to accomplish.

Have you ever thought all this?
And wondered how it could be?
Then come join #happyfeetwalkersclub
Its perfect for thee…

Take the first step

Not a step behind you,
Not a step ahead of you,
All we wish for is
To take every step with you.

There is a long road ahead,
Twists and turns, hills and vales
Lets journey together,
Lets join the trail.

Bring along your fun,
Trade in some fitness,
Friendship is a bonus,
Shoo away the laziness!!!!

The ladies in red,
With their claps and smiles,
We will walk together
Devouring countless miles.

I have taken the first step,
Ready to take yours??
Join the #happyfeetwalkersclub,
And lets make it ours.

Getting back on track is never too late!

Hi, I am Garima ! Living in America for the past 14 years, super busy with married life and kids, I never gave importance to personal health.

Every New Year i made this resolution for being more active but actually never did. Being a stay at home mom I always found myself more surrounded with never ending list of jobs, more than any CEO of a big company.

But from the past one year life actually took a turn for good when I decided to go back to the gym and start workout.
But this wasn’t enough, working with a trainer I realized exercise is more fun when you have company.

Then suddenly I saw my super excited friend Namitha’s new adventure – A Walking Club. First I laughed in my heart thinking how can so many girls coordinate together to actually decide a place and then actually do the walk ?? It felt funny !!

I waited for 2-3 weeks and saw non-stop additions to the group. Daily collages actually made me realize that I was missing something.
The good part was the time and place is already decided by the admin for the Saturday walks so no time wastage in agreeing to 1 place by so many women (which is next to impossible).

Daily walk invitations by your neighborhood friends inspires you to walk with them or alone.
Having that extra social element with a personal benefit without spending a penny is not at all a bad deal.

And as per the human nature nothing worse is seeing other ladies get in shape and loose those extra pounds faster than you :).

See you all on the track !

A Fun and Friendly Way to Stay Active

The women of today are the busiest people that I know. They have a demanding schedule and are always on time crunch. They are always running around catering to the needs of others – be it family, friends, work and/or service.  And most of them do not make time for themselves.

I was one of them – I was always busy with urgent things (everything these days seems to be on our urgent list) and I missed out on important things to take care of. I realized my health and well-being is being neglected. I needed to take time for myself to de-stress, get active and be healthy.

I was looking to get into an activity which lets me have my personal time without compromising the quality time with my family. I wanted someone to hold me accountable on any activity that I start. I was looking out for friends to be my accountability partner here. Taking this further, if I could find an accountability group, it will be even better.  If it is a women’s group, woo-hoo! What more can I ask? In short, I was looking for a group of like-minded people to talk to, associate with, learn from and grow together. This will be relaxing for me and together we can all stay active, have fun and be fit. And in the process, I discovered Happy Feet Walking Club !!!

Happy Feet Walking Club is a group of women walking together who focus on personal health and encourage fitness in a fun way. We meet together every Saturday morning and walk together. We also encourage our family and friends to stay active by incorporating walking into our everyday lives.

Happy FeeT Walkers Club

If you would like to read more about the benefits of walking, click here.

I have met such amazing women from all walks of life here and we walk together. We each have unique strengths and together we complement one another. We learn from each other, we support, we inspire and we motivate one other to stay active and be healthy. I have found great set of minds to associate with and am very glad to be part of this awesome group.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend, Rekha Narayan, who has introduced me to this group.

A recent study at Stanford found that walking, both indoors and outdoors, boosts creativity. Well known people like Steve Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are known to incorporate walking meetings. You can read more about the Stanford study here. Be active, get creative.!

Now, its your turn. Come join us at Happy Feet – a walking club for women by women – stay active in a fun and friendly way.


Lakshmy’s thoughts

Wife, Mother, Professional, Happy Feeter!
I am a professional in the field of science. I was not particularly fond of walking and had never been a big fitness freak. However, I have realized that motivation to work out firstly comes from within. And working and walking with friends adds to the fun. Can we encourage and motivate each other to spend a little time taking care of ourselves and thereby those around us? Can we spend a little time together to kick start a week of walking and good health? Can we post our goals and milestones so that others may be encouraged, even pushed to do so themselves? Hence the concept of Happy feet for fun, friendship and fitness. In any order, they are crucial to a happy and healthy life!
Happy feeting and thanks for your time and encouragement.

How it all started

What is new about walking?

People have been doing it for centuries if not more.

Why is it exciting all of a sudden?

No one cared when I walked before. I need to probably join a fitness club or something jazzy.

Why should I keep doing it everyday?

I have so many things to do. I don’t have time for this.

Is it really a new idea?

All these and other similar questions came to mind when we first discussed the idea of walking together each week. But the “always eager for new ideas” part of me wanted to give it a try. Friends are not just a shoulder to cry on but also someone to support when an idea is germinating. Especially if it is one that benefits self and others.

Happy Feet was the brainchild of two friends wanting to walk and talk together. More friends helped in picking a name, interesting routes and much much more.