Skip a step; feel the magic!

After a long break; I headed downtown today. It’s summer time in Chicago which means lots of families and tourists.

I turned on mapmywalk and started walking with a purpose. Got a train to catch on 12 mins ; tasks to finish ; calls to make; meetings to attend  etc. I did not even stop for my walk selfie and took one as I walked.

One thing I do without fail as a happy feeter is capture the required stuff to keep me motivated by creating my daily collage. Second nature ; like brushing my teeth when I wake up!
Anyway; back to my story … As I was in the mode I mentioned above ; I observed a family walking in front of me heading to the train station. The mom was holding the hands of her kids as they walked. A little girl in pink and a slightly older boy in khaki.

That is when I saw the magic. The girl skipped every few steps and waved her hair in the wind in a happy and carefree way. A beautiful sight.

Hence my post; as we go about our daily lives, let’s remember to let go of our worries and skip a step and let the wind catch the hair!

Wishing you the magic in your lives too!