Cause you know I’d walk … A Thousand Miles


“If I could fall; Into the sky
Do you think time; Would pass me by
‘Cause you know I’d walk ; A thousand miles
If I could ; Just see you Tonight” – Vanessa Carlton

As I hum this song, I think about all the different places that are a 1000 miles from Chicago. Houston, Texas is 1090 miles from Chicago.

Would you EVER consider walking to Houston? Would you consider walking to Houston if you have a year to do that? Maybe not.. Maybe so..

But some amazing women have walked 1000 miles or more in a single year. These are walks they have stepped out on intentionally. For good health, for wellness and fitness and many time for fun and friendship after joining Happy Feet.

It is amazing to imagine how far we have come as a club. The total miles that we all have walked, the bonds that we have created and the healthy goals that we have met.

But today is the day to celebrate all the dedicated star walkers who have diligently walked and tracked their walking to reach the 1000 mile mark.

Our Happy Feet role models:

Big round of applause for these amazing ladies who have crossed 1000 miles on map my walk :

  1. Nita Awasthi (leader of  the pack with her quiet walking and her ability to find joy in walking alone or with a group!)
  2. Ritu Bhambhani (Tireless walker who walks despite all kinds of roadblocks)
  3. Jyothi Shirahatti (Speed walker with single minded focus)
  4. Sree Lakshmi Kukkapalli A.K.A Kukki (Cheerleader and motivator for one and all)
  5. Shubhada Lawande (Happy Feet Champion who promotes the club and healthy living by her words and actions)
  6. Vimi Shukla (Platinum Sponsor, Yoga guru, motivated walker and  all time supporter of club and healthy living)