Why I like Mapmywalk Challenge

Why use Mapmywalk, I have Fitbit, Pedometer…… and so on are our questions.

There is huge advantage with Mapmywalk.

Here it goes……
First when I joined Happy Feet Walkers Club my Mapmywalk did not work.
So I did not take time to make it work. I just used pedometer for my walks.
With Fitbits and Pedometers, they track every step we take (even all the steps while cooking and going about our daily chores).

At that time I did not understand true meaning of dedicated walks.
Don’t get me wrong here, tracking steps is good. As they say to be healthy we need 10K.  So I kept walking and after a month I did not feel much of a difference.

Then came most distance walked challenge tracking with Mapmywalk.
I uninstalled and reinstalled it did not work.
Went to Nita for help, as she is the walking master of Mapmywalk.
Once I got my mapmywalk going I walked and tracked my miles. I noticed a huge difference.

Steps per day is easy to do… But taking the time to walk that made a huge difference.

I started enjoying the nature. Started to walk at lunch time and during kids’ activities.
Taking time to walk with family and friends.
These dedicated walks is what truly made a difference in my health.

Shubadha, Komal, Jyothi and Yogita started long walks and inspired me to do long walks.

Initially when I started I would walk 2 miles I would be tired.
Now during weekends I walk 8 to 9 miles and I am still ready to go.
Saturday Madhavi and I came to our morning walk with happy feet friends. We went home wanted to walk some more as the day was good. We walked and talked then Sri T joined and we kept going.

I never thought I would walk @ 4am.
Thanks to Mapmywalk challenge, Nita and Vimiji I started to walk in the mornings.
Morning walks are the best. Whole day you are charged.

Once Mapmywalk challenge started I put goal to myself to do 25miles a week and I was able to  achieve it.
Once we were back to steps I became lazy and not doing as much as I could. (I know its winter)

That’s why I am so happy that Mapmywalk challenge is back.

This challenge gets me to walk, track , feel good and look good.