Happy Feet…. Healthy you

As weather is getting better plan your days to include walks.

Have a buddy system. With that we have two advantages: you are mentally and physically happy and healthy.

When I walk I have a friend/s with me most of the time, it could be friend talking on what’sapp saying I can do it or friend/s walking with me. HFWC moto is Fun, Fitness and Friendship.

Do the walks for you. Adding miles to your mapmywalk or driving with mapmywalk is not what HFWC is about. It all about making us healthy and happy.
Every day I learn a lot from our happy feet members. I try to implement all positive things. That makes me very happy.
I feel happy walking with Vimiji and have learnt a lot from her. Once after our Saturday walk we were driving back home and Vimiji forgot to turn off mapmywalk. She immediately discarded it. She said, “If I save the data, it will be the wrong info. I did not walk that much to add to my miles.”

Remember we are doing walks to be healthy.

The advantages of mapmywalk for me is that it shows my pace, time and miles.

Slowly improving your pace should be your goal.
Don’t worry about the distance, it will follow as you improve your pace.

Make time for your walks.
Many friends have asked me how I can walk so much and don’t I have to take care of my family. My first priority is my family. But if I am not healthy and active then what example am I setting for my kids.

I plan my day. I wake up early to finish cooking and do my house hold work. I used to do all my work by myself and I used to be tired. Now I include my family and its fun. This gives me time for my walks.

Walk walk walk for HEALTHY YOU.