Why walk? Doesn’t it get boring?

This is a walkers club. What’s new about walking? What keeps everyone motivated to keep on doing it? Why should walking be done as a group activity?

These are some of the things we ponder upon and I’m sure every existing and new member has thought about it at some point of time or other.

This is what I tell myself, let me know in comments if you agree:

There is nothing new about walking. It is how we walk that makes all the difference.

Everyone is staying motivated because of the variety, the friendships and the interesting challenges that is a constant reminder to move.

Women are social by nature, we band together to achieve great things. We push each other to keep on going. Without the group, I would have stopped walking a long time ago!

Can it get boring? No way, some of the types of walks we have already done:

1. Saturday group walks

We have walked every Saturday without fail, rain or shine since June 2015.

2. Heart Walk

Triggered by our own Kukki , our group participated in a Heart Walk at Lisle. It really brought awareness and Walking together beautifully.

3. Family Nature Walk

A desire for all members was to include the family in some way. Obviously we would do it with a walk. What better way than to include a guided nature walk where a nature enthusiast walked with our group at the forest preserve and pointed out interesting flora and history to us.

4. Purple Walk

In line with Pancreatic cancer awareness month, we wanted to raise awareness about this relatively rare and challenging type of cancer. We walked together for a friend and also discussed how we can better care for ourselves.

5. Themed walks

Holiday time is special and exciting and filled with lot of family time and rich food. Happy Feet celebrated these times with walks as well. Walks that catered to holiday themes such as

Halloween Walk

Thanksgiving Walk

Diwali Walk

Reindeer Walk

New Year Walk

6. Indoor and Outdoor Walks

We are not held captive by the weather, when the season is favorable we walk outside and enjoy the outdoors, when its cold and snowy we walk inside the mall. There is no excuse not to!

7. Goal driven walks

What better way to challenge yourself than to attempt a 5K walk? We did that too and had great fun doing it. We have another one coming up on April 24th 2016.

8. Cat Walk

Who would have thought that a valentine day party had anything to do with walks? We did! A fun event for the entire family is not complete without a walk. This time walk of a different kind, a cat walk on the ramp! Come check it out for yourself on Feb 13th 2016 at the Happy Feet Valentine Day Ball!

We keep thinking of different types of walks. The fun is never ending and fitness is always the goal. New friendships and strengthening existing ones is a beautiful side affect!