Its a new year!

When we started the club in June 2015, our hopes were to ensure that we continue walking beyond 31 days which is the duration mentioned to achieve any degree of habit formation.

Now as we step into a new year with great strength and motivation, my heart swells with joy and pride at how much we have grown and achieved together as a club and as friends.

12 key highlights of 2015:

  1. Walked every Saturday as a group rain or shine since the weekend we started.
  2. Grown membership from around 20 starting members to over 110 members while having a high degree of retention.
  3. Over 60% highly active members with daily walk stats.
  4. Over 10 members who have walked 500 miles of targeted walking (not including steps while performing daily activities)
  5. Over 25 members who have walked over 200 miles.
  6. Over 12 club level challenges conducted with exciting prizes from sponsors
  7. Many subgroup level challenges conducted on weekly basis.
  8. Steady and updated website and Facebook Page.
  9. Quick turnaround time for all queries and suggestions.
  10. Listening to member feedback and making modifications as necessary.
  11. Strong volunteer leader support.
  12. Support for causes such as “Heart Walk” and “Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Walk”

Last but most important is fostering of healthy culture of motivation and positive support for all members retaining fairness in all actions.

With big smiles and happy feet , we welcome 2016! Looking forward to more walking, more milestones being met and healthy mind and body!

I am sure I missed many more wonderful achievements of 2015. Use the comments section to remind me đŸ™‚