The beauty of the fog!
















A long road that looks clear at first and then seems to disappear into a haze. How often have you felt that way on your path to fitness?

Like all new year resolutions that seem absolutely certain in late December and fizzle out mid January, like the new gym membership that feels like a drag after a few day.

I have never stopped being amazed at the strength of Happy Feet. I always knew it in my heart that women who stick together can achieve anything they set their hearts on. But the amazing continued success of HFWC is just like the fog lifting and no longer being threatening but actually cool and comforting.

Each member has the flexibility to choose the level of commitment and each subgroup has leaders who really care for the well being of the members and friends and give so much of themselves and their time and attention in addition to being perfect role models themselves.

The end result is a beautiful glow in each member. Something that comes from inside and emanates.










It makes everything beautiful when you are looking at being healthy, fit and happy instead of constantly worrying about weight and pressure of workouts. The side effects could range from weight loss, to glowing skin to uncontrollable laughter at funny anecdotes by friends but the main symptom that we are managing is the lazy monster in all of us.