Never Lazy to WALK as I am Happy Feet Walker :- )

Do you recall those fire drills at work? Walk down all those stairs, get interrupted from work and pretty much get frustrated.

Off late, I actually look forward to these fire drills. Same situation , different perspective. I get the much needed 15 minute break and walk away from work.

Just the other day, my daughter and her friends wanted to go to play in the playground. I asked my son to come walk with me while the girls played and we were able to get a nice long walk. Every mom knows the phrase “5 more mins please”. As we stood there waiting, I suggested that we walk some more. Needless to say my teenager was surprised at my changed personality. No more impatient mamma asking to leave. No more stand around and wait doing nothing mamma.

          Another example was yesterday when I had very long day. Although I was tired, like every working mom, I get excited when I see my kids. When my father-in-law suggested a walk, I took the chance to say yes. After dinner, I opted for another walk with my spouse. So end of the day, I found my relaxation in walking and being with my family instead of potentially sitting on the couch next to them and not really connecting. When I made the collage to send to my Happy Feet friends, I had the smile on my face that Namitha mentions in her post.


Find a way to make walking part of your day. It might be  hard for the first few days.  That’s why we have Happy Feet Walkers Club.

We have such a nice support group. Look for someone in your proximity or comfort zone, reach out to them for a shared walk and you will be surprised they might be in the same boat and appreciate you reaching out.
Once you pass the initial stage you will be surprised to see how you’re thinking of ways to walk like Namitha, Roopa, Pallavi and other friends.

Before Happy Feet Walkers Club, I would look for excuses to escape walking. Now I am looking for ways to walk.

Coming together is a beginning.
Being together is progress.
Walking together is success.”…